Bikers watch out list for on line dating

My bro and his mates were in a club that was full of leather clad bikers once, when one of them approached one of the lads they thought there was going to be trouble, until he asked one if he could buy him a drink. Sonny Barger is the guy who started up the first Hell's Angels chapter way back after the second world war as far as I remember, he'd been in the army and brought his experience from there into his club.

Oh wait, I got ye this information from Wikipedia about him."Sonny Barger (born October 8, 1938 in Modesto, California) is a founding member in 1957 of the Oakland, California, USA chapter of Hells Angels (perhaps the most famous motorcycle club in the world), and perhaps the club's best-known member.

Would ye say Sonny Barger is a national folk hero, criminal mastermind or astute businessman?

He's made a fortune from selling his various autobiographical books on life as a Hell's Angel and he is even brewing and selling his own beer, there are also shops being opened all over North America to sell Angel's merchandise.

Within hours of the expected arrival time, an emergency will strike: A work visa has expired, or their aunt/niece/child is sick and they need a few thousand dollars to be wired over so they can finally meet their intended.

I am half-way way through a book called "Angels of Death" written by two Canadian journalists about Hell's Angels and their global empire for want of better words.Aside from his 'legitimate' business interests it seems selling drugs and pimping women as prostitutes is widespread amongst the different Hell's Angels chapters worldwide particularly in Amsterdam.Do ye think the fact the Hell's Angels in Britain are to the fore when it comes to raising monies for charity, particularly children's charities is enough of a 'band aid' to make us forgive and forget that they are involved in criminal activities and are violent, not just to other bikers or other criminals encroaching on their turf but also to their own? He could be all 3 for all I know as I have never heard of the guy.The lesson here is that online dating startups will need to step up their game to keep consumers safe.“In the war against online dating scams and security threats, we’ve chosen to do whatever is necessary to always be a few steps ahead of scammers, and not the other way around – which is usually too late for our users,” said’s CEO, Bill Dobbie.

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