Lascaux cave paintings carbon dating

The Cave of Lascaux has about 1,200 visitors everyday.However, in 1955, deterioration and damage was observed on the painting.The continuation of the Great Hall of Bulls is the Painted Gallery. The Lateral Passage, to the right of the Great Hall of Bulls, leads to the Chamber of Engravings and the Main Gallery.The Main Gallery is connected to the Chamber of Felines.History of Cave of Lascaux The Cave of Lascaux lies in the western edges of the Massif Central plateau.The Pyrenees mountain range is known for the existence of Paleolithic caves, that date back to the Stone Age.

The trees and forests on the hills preserved the caves from weathering.

The huge painting on the wall is spread out over 20 meters.

One of the stags in the hall, depicts the spark of imagination of the Stone Age man.

Since 2000, the atmospheric conditions in the original cave are being monitored by specialized systems to curb any further damage due to weathering.

The Cave of Lascaux is one of the oldest examples of the art of painting.

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